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Peppermint oil at school results in suspension

The label on the bottle says it should be kept out of reach of children. However, ten year old Sara Greiner of Commack, New York brought peppermint oil to school in December, 2009. She put a few drops in her water bottle and shared some with two classmates.

Sara’s mother explained that the oil is organic and contained no alcohol. She and Sara use it at home as a soothing remedy to flavor their water. The school saw it differently.

The school superintendent stated that the fifth grader violated the school’s code of conduct by bringing an over-the-counter substance to the school. Sara received a one-day in-school suspension. Her mother is asking the school for an apology and a clean record. The school stands by it’s decision and legal action may be taken.


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Posted in: News by SoulRiser on February 7, 2010 @ 7:01 PM

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