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Principal invades students' house to check up on them

When a mother in Orange County, NY, called her teenage sons’ school earlier this week to say that the boys were staying home sick, the skeptical principal decided to take a page from the Ed Rooney playbook.

In a move that might remind some of the slimy villain from the '80s teen movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” Ernest Jackson, the principal at Chester Academy, went to the house of two teen students after their mother told the school that they would be absent, New York’s WABC-TV reported.

Suspecting the brothers were playing hooky, Jackson and a guidance counselor drove to the kids’ house, let themselves in and then walked upstairs to find them.

When the pair discovered that that boys were, in fact, in bed -- and not, say, a pair of dummies rigged with an old trophy and a snoring soundtrack – the guidance counselor left, Chester police said.

Jackson, though, remained unconvinced and began hectoring the half-naked boys to come to school, according to the police complaint.

"My kids were in their underwear, again you are talking about a 12-year-old and a 16-year-old,” the boys’ irate dad, Michael DiQuattro, told New York’s WABC-TV. “Where does he get the right to violate my children's rights?"

The terrified boys called their mother at work, who told the principal to beat it.

Local police are investigating, and it was not clear if the school district planned to discipline Jackson, WABC reported.

"I don't understand why he's still a principal," DiQuattro said.

"I was sick to my stomach, I was upset, it just strikes me as someone who is not all there up there," he said.


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Posted in: News on November 21, 2010 @ 3:31 PM

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