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Principal Shown Having Sex With Teacher On Video

(CBS) LYNWOOD, Ill. Just feet from where standardized tests lie on a desk, a video shows the Sandridge Elementary School principal having sex with a teacher in his office on that desk.

Principal Leroy Coleman and teacher Janet Lofton resigned Thursday after the footage emerged showing them having sex in Coleman's office at Sandridge Elementary School. District 172 officials said Coleman cited health reasons, and Lofton resigned "due to the illness of a family member."

John Izzo, an attorney for the school district, said teacher's aide Anjayla Reed resigned after she was contacted about allegations she appears on a separate portion of the tape hugging and touching the principal. She stepped down without giving a reason.

The video reportedly shows Coleman in his office having sex with Lofton, at Sandridge Elementary School, 2950 Glenwood-Dyer Rd. in Lynwood.

As CBS 2's Rob Johnson reports, the video was sent to parents and CBS 2 from an anonymous source, postmarked April 10 from Flossmoor, with no return address. A typed note on the DVD reads "Sandridge District 172 principal makes porn in school office with staff members during school hours," and then lists the principal and two teachers.

The DVD goes on for two hours and includes footage of several rendezvous on four days from December through January, according to the date stamp. Reed appears on the video as well, hugging and touching Coleman.

The tape has left the school district administration and many parents deeply concerned. Some parents reported that copies of the tape have been circulating for the past couple of days.

Izzo said the district is investigating but has not yet viewed the tape.

The district superintendent reportedly contacted the two faculty members identified to her by others as having been on the tape.

Izzo says the school board views the alleged misconduct as disgusting and inappropriate and said Cook County investigators are still looking into whether the behavior or the taping are criminal as well.

He is curious about why the tape was released so many weeks after the video was recorded.

"I think they were obviously doing this for some reason related to the election, because we have a school board election in five days," he said. "Obviously that has something to do with timing."

Izzo said whoever released this video should have notified the superintendent first so this could be handled.

As of Friday night neither Izzo nor the superintendent had copies.

The attorney for the school board says Coleman was in his second year as principal; the teacher taught science and homeroom.

Parents of Sandridge School students are disgusted by the tape. They say some students were aware of the alleged misconduct long before parents found out about it. They also say they think more should have been done to protect the students.

"These kids need to not know about this stuff. They're too young," said parent Lisa Claves. "You've even got kindergartners wondering what sexual things are, and it's not right."

"They should have handled the situation better than what they're doing. It's like they're more laid back about it," said parent Kareem Moseley, "and not only that


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