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Review: Compound Security Mosquito Teenage Deterrent System

Monday, April 09, 2007
Review: Compound Security Mosquito Teenage Deterrent System

This teenage repellent guarantees it will "shoo away" young people with baggy pants and bad posture by emitting a high-pitched alarm supposedly only audible to those under the age of 25. Shaped and sized like a floodlight, we visited a local middle school and set it off. The result? Tweens reported only minor annoyance at its squeaks. For, uh, scientific purposes, we also set it off at a local tavern full of baby boomers with only a few 60-somethings wincing at its annoying squelch. The one constant in both tests? They kicked us out of every place we used the Mosquito. We have no idea where this thing would be effective. Maybe in retirement homes full of crotchety old folk who don't like visitors? -James Lee

WIRED Easy to use universal outlet. Portable, 12-volt adapter lets you use it in your car-perfect for drive-bys! Integrated 24-hour timer. Will ward away loiterers at your storefront and get those damn kids off your lawn.

TIRED Will also ward off anybody without some kind of significant hearing loss. Power line needs an extension cord for outside use. Does not work as advertised: 30 year-olds can hear it.

$745, compoundsecurity.co.uk

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