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Students Accuse Bus Driver Of Stopping On Tracks(LULZ)

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Some students aboard a school bus in Volusia County said it was a terrifying ride home for them on Monday afternoon.

The students [said] the driver stopped the bus on some railroad tracks along International Speedway Boulevard and refused to move until the children quieted down.

During the incident, the Campbell Middle School students said a train approached them.

"I saw the train coming, and I was looking up above, and I saw the rail guard coming down, so she started to back up," student Seth Pittell said.

"But if a train is coming, their life is in danger. You're putting their lives in danger, and you're yelling at them, and you won't back up the bus? She was threatening to get off the bus and have us just sit there," student Joseph Geist said.

A parent of one of the children aboard the bus said he believes the incident could have been handled better.

"You pull of in a safe place and discipline them and turn it down. You don't try to kill the kids. You don't threaten them," parent Glen Teschner said.

Officials with Volusia County Schools said the driver has been relieved of her duties. The incident will be reviewed using videotapes from aboard the bus to help investigators learn more about what happened.

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