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Another former teacher agrees with School Survival

Fred posted this as a response to the "Why do I hate school?" post on the SS blog:

As a former teacher I have to say that everything in this article is correct. That's pretty much why I'm not doing it anymore. I decided to teach after getting laid off from a job. I thought I could help kids. Even though my kids went to private school or were home-schooled I thought this was the way to go. I was wrong. Everything in this article is true.

I have no problem with education; I do have a problem with how it's done in public schools.

I couldn't keep teaching because I was not able to allow students to develop their individual strengths. I hated that they had to be quiet in situations where they should have obviously been allowed to be social. I remember there was a rule that they could not talk on the bus on the first leg of a field trip, but if they were good, they could talk on the way back. That's the backward kind of logic schools are full of.

Another thing I thought was really outlandish was that the kids had to be quiet in the halls but teachers would talk to each other without thinking about how loud they were. What an excellent example for students! Do as I say, not as I do.

Most teachers seemed to be angry about something. It's like they had been forced to put up with all the crap that school is, and they ended up taking it out on students. I didn't want to become that. I had to get out.

You have every reason to hate school. It's a very questionable program. It harms kids. It is a cauldron of mediocrity. It's dreadful for most of the teachers I know. Get out if you can. Find some kind of alternative. Study what you are interested in, if you can; even if you don't have much time because school has robbed you of it.

Where to next? Pick one!

Posted in: Commentary on July 17, 2011 @ 4:23 PM

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