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Teacher places bag over grammar school student's head as punishment

Police say bag placed over head of student not a criminal matter.

An incident in which a Parkview School teacher allegedly placed a plastic bag over the head of a student, possibly as punishment, is not a criminal matter, police said Friday.

The incident was being investigated by police as a possible assault and battery.

Sgt. Ford Porter said interviews with the person who originally notified authorities and other witnesses have revealed that it didn't happen exactly as first reported.

Porter said the teacher didn't cinch the bag tight, which was the initial report.

On Friday Porter said the case was turned over to the Chico Unified School District, to be handled administratively.

It's unknown if the teacher will be disciplined, said Bob Feaster, assistant superintendent with the Chico Unified School District. "We're still gathering information."

Feaster said the teacher remained on the job during the investigation.

The alleged act was witnessed by another faculty member, who reported it to police the following day. The reporting party told police it appeared to be punishment for something the child had done on the playground.

The age and grade level of the child hasn't been disclosed. Parkview serves students in grades kindergarten through six, and has an enrollment of about 450 students.



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