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Teen accused of putting bombs in family's beds

A South Fayette teen has been jailed on charges that he tried to kill his family by exploding homemade bombs in their beds as they slept over the weekend.

The boy, Christopher Janney, 16, is being held on $5,000 bail, pending a preliminary hearing scheduled tomorrow in Municipal Court, Downtown.

He is charged with five counts of attempted homicide and one count each of reckless endangerment and criminal conspiracy.

At least two other suspects have been implicated in a police affidavit.

South Fayette police were summoned around 6:45 a.m. Saturday to the Janney home on Dutch Hill Road, where the family reported the suspicious disappearance of the suspect.

His mother showed police six bottles containing chlorine that police explosives experts said were built as compression bombs.

At least one bottle had been placed overnight Friday by the heads of five family members at the residence. Some relatives had two bombs placed in their beds, the affidavit said.

The finding was discovered after a day of domestic violence during which Christopher Janney had gotten into a scuffle with his grandfather, who lives next door, after the elder had confiscated bottles of rubbing alcohol from the boy.

Christopher's 13-year-old brother helped his grandfather fend off the attack, the affidavit said.

Police seized a cell phone and computer from Christopher's room. The boy's pages on MySpace and text messages on two cell phones indicated that he had been in communication in preceding days with two other people who helped him devise the bombing plan and a getaway.

At least two of the boys had planned to flee by Greyhound bus to a destination in the southern U.S., the affidavit said.

Police also seized a gas mask, a pepper grinder and ground rat poison from the Janney residence.

South Fayette police Chief Louis Volle said the investigation is continuing, and there may be more arrests.

So far, Christopher is the only suspect charged in the incident.

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