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US: Parent censors, fights school censorship, over same MySpace post

UPPER DARBY, Pa. - The father of a high school student who was suspended for "inappropriate" journal postings on her MySpace.com Web site is challenging the girl's punishment.

William Scantling said his daughter's constitutional rights were violated when the Upper Darby School District in suburban Philadelphia suspended her for two days because of comments generated from a home computer.

Scantling described the comments posted by his daughter, Hazel Scantling, as "vulgar" but not threatening to any student. After reading the messages, he said he took away her home computer privileges.

School officials said the postings were "highly inappropriate," but added that they were reviewing the suspension. They declined to identify the student, or describe the messages.

Hazel Scantling is a sophomore at Delaware County Vocational Technical School, but spends part of her day at Upper Darby High School. Officials at the technical school contacted the high school after viewing the postings, according to Lou DeVlieger, an assistant superintendent.

"We are a district that celebrates diversity," DeVlieger said. "When we hear comments that do not celebrate it, we find it very unsettling."


Found it posted here:

arc wrote:

Sorry for posting this so late. I just heard about it through This Is True.

Hazel Scantling posted something--something "vulgar," her father, William, said--to MySpace from a home computer. So William Scantling rescinded her home computer "privileges."

But Hazel Scantling's school also objected to the posting--apparently it didn't "celebrate" diversity--so it suspended her.

Now William wants the ACLU to protect Hazel from the school's censorship.

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