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Willows teen duck hunter's school expulsion reversed

The Glenn County Board of Education has reversed a decision to expel a Willows High School student for having two shotguns and ammunition in his pickup truck parked off campus.

In a unanimous vote, board members rescinded the expulsion of Gary Tudesko. He was expelled by the Willows Joint Union School District in November for the Oct. 26 incident.

Read the Board of Education's statement of decision

Tudesko, 17, was kicked out of school after a school security dog alerted to the shotguns and ammunition in his locked truck on a public street next to the school's tennis courts. Tudesko had gone duck hunting with a friend before classes and told administrators he didn't have time to take the guns home before school started.

Tuesday, Tudesko appealed his expulsion to the county board of education. He was represented by two attorneys hired by a consortium of gun rights advocates, including the National Rifle Association.

In its decision, the board of education said because Tudesko's pickup was parked on a public street the school district exceeded its authority to expel him. The board also said Tudesko was not afforded the opportunity for a fair hearing.

No date has been set for Tudesko's return to school. It was unknown if the school district pursue an appeal in court.

by George Warren, GWarren@news10.net


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