School Survival

Has school destroyed your creativity and self-confidence? I'm working on a book called Recovering From School, to help you heal the damage caused. Join the Patreon or Newsletter to be notified about updates. Paid Patreon members will get early draft previews, as well as a free digital copy when it's done.

Seven Sins of Our System of Forced Education | Psychology Today

Seven Sins of Our System of Forced Education | Psychology Today. In my last post I took a step that, I must admit, made me feel uncomfortable. I said, several times: "School is prison." I felt uncomfortable saying that because school is so much a part of my life and the lives of almost everyone […]

Finland's Educational Success? The Anti-Tiger Mother Approach

Spring may be just around the corner in this poor part of Helsinki known as the Deep East, but the ground is still mostly snow-covered and the air has a dry, cold bite. In a clearing outside the Kallahti Comprehensive School, a handful of 9-year-olds are sitting back to back, arranging sticks, pinecones, stones and […]

18-Year-Old Trumps Ageism, Becomes Youngest Elected Official In Maryland

by Carol Scott Edward Burroughs, an 18-year-old college freshman who battled ageist stereotypes as he ran for School Board, is running a victory lap today. The 2010 high school grad beat his opponent, a retired teacher and principal who slammed him as a "child," for a spot on the Prince George's County, Maryland School Board. […]

School is a Breeding Ground for Cheaters

by Peter Gray In my last post I described some instances of cheating in science; summarized some data about the percentage of scientists who, on anonymous questionnaires, admit to cheating; and ended with the question, "Why do scientists cheat?" Cheating--by publishing fraudulent data--completely destroys the purpose of science, which is to discover truths; so why […]

Proof that age discrimination can be stopped

Gallery Place "Mosquito" Swatted Down Device pulled after age discrimination complaints Dave Moss was passing through the Gallery Place Metro station last month when he heard what he called “a constant, dull but annoying, high-pitched series of beeps.” The sound was coming from a device installed at the station to much fanfare earlier this year […]

Solidarities of Resistance: Liberation from Education

Reflections on education, colonization, and freedom by Mike Jo Brownlee and Carla Bergman In today's society, school is sometimes spoken about as a necessity for a happy life and as an inherent good. The concept of education is thought to be synonymous with learning, and separates those who are knowledgeable from those who are deficient. […]

Seniors thrive on youth's mistakes

Older people prefer to read negative news stories about the young, possibly because it makes them feel better about themselves, a new study suggests. "The more time they spent with negative news about young people, the higher self-esteem they reported. They may get some self-esteem boost out of this," said study author Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick, an […]

Schwarzenegger Wants Violent Games To Be Completely Illegal For Under 18's

From NYRA: Schwarzenegger v Gamers - Help Us Fight Back Arnold is trying to take away your games. Don’t let him. California passed a law that would ban the sale of all “violent” video games to individuals under 18. The case of whether or not this law is Constitutional is going before the US Supreme […]

Mall Plans To Restrict Teens' Access

It was once a rite of passage for many teens, hanging out at the mall, but that may soon become a thing of the past.Tri-County Mall is the latest to restrict teens' access during certain hours. Starting Aug. 6, teens younger than 18 will have to be escorted by someone over the age of 21 […]

Valedictorian Speaks Out Against Public Schooling

by Erica Goldson (originally published here) There is a story of a young, but earnest Zen student who approached his teacher, and asked the Master, "If I work very hard and diligently, how long will it take for me to find Zen? The Master thought about this, then replied, "Ten years . ." The student […]

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