School Survival

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Disobey and Resist

WARNING: As far as it goes with ignorant teachers, doing these things could get you labelled as "ungrateful", "disobedient", "rebellious", "spiteful" and other things like that. So it's up to you.  And another thing: remember the saying "stupidity shouts loudest", which means that if you do a couple of stupid things along the way (like hurt somebody or scream at them), then people have a habit of remembering that more easily than anything else. So.. now you know. On with it then...

Backchat your teachers. Every time you disagree with what they say, tell them. But you know how teachers are, so be as polite as you can. What if they start shouting at you? That just goes to show that they're immature and can't handle criticism. Don't get angry back, cause the more polite and peaceful you are, the less reason they have to get angry, which just makes them more frustrated. Isn't this fun? :)

Every time a teacher tells you to stop "backchatting", kindly explain to them that you're not backchatting, you're only voicing your own opinion and that it's your right to do so. Tell them that there's nothing wrong with having your own opinion and tell them that you understand fully that they may disagree with you. Tell them it's their right to disagree. But tell them that since you respect their opinion, they should try to respect yours too.

Every time a teacher tells you to do something, and if they say it in a forceful kind of way, do it, but before you do, kindly ask them to try to remember to say "please" next time. And then you'll probably need to explain the "backchatting" part to them again. Oh well.

When a teacher says you're ungrateful, and starts telling you about all the good things teachers do for you... let them finish, and then tell them about all the bad things they do to you. After that, tell them you can understand that nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, and apologise for not telling them sooner, and say you hope that they can change it.

After you've done a few of these things, the average teacher is likely to call you spiteful sooner or later. If that happens, tell them you don't like being called spiteful, and that it hurts your feelings. Say you never intended any of the things you did to be spiteful, and that you did it to try to help the teacher understand you better.

If you haven't shouted at anyone, said any swearwords, or punched anyone in the face, nobody can get you in any trouble since you haven't really broken any rules. If you get a lot of students to all do this sort of thing, school might just become more fun...

Update: 6 Dec 2011

There's now a German translation of this article here. :)

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