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Funny pranks on teachers

Hello and welcome, pranksters! If you try any of the pranks listed on this site, you really should come and tell us how it went on the forums here. We're always looking for a good laugh :)

These are some funny or silly pranks on teachers... some of them are not meant to be taken seriously. :)

  1. If You Get Sent out your class room, and the windows are tinted, put your face to the window hard, and make weird faces, be carefull when doing it with your nose, you might accidently Get snot on the window, Classic funny!
  2. pretend to faint(fall out of your chair and dont get up, or something) then "wake up" and ask "where am i?" in the middle of class. during an "important" lesson.
  3. When flipping pages in your textbook shake the paper loudly and make a whole lot of noise everytime the page is turned. Works best when entire class is reading a novel in English.
  4. when asked to write something on the board, clean it with your tougne first
  5. Come to school wearing shirts with obscene gestures (Preferably a home made t-shirt. Color: White. Write something like "fuck" or "shit" on one side and than "fuck" or "shit" on the other). If your teacher demands you turn it inside out you can either say no or flip it, revealing the second obscene gesture.
  6. when the instructor gives an assignment (preferably a large, important one), or gets you in trouble for the school "dress code", the next opportunity you get, lift your arm out in front of you with the palm-side down and the fingers straight out, pressed together. say something that sounds at least vaguely German. be sure to include the words and phrases, "Heil Hitler!" and "furher", and possibly "reich".
  7. unplug either your keyboard or your mouse, both if you thing you can handle it. if someone sits next to you or behind you, when you get the chance, unplug theirs and plug yours in. if you do the mouse, you can make it randomly move when theyre trying to figure out why it isnt working. if theyre working on word, use the keyboard and type messages that are either completely random (i know you people can come up with something) or send them creepy messages such as, "i see you." guranteed some kicks and possibly a punch to the face if they figure it out.
  8. Before the teachers get in, change all the locks on the lockers. That way nobody can get their stuff and the teachers will be unaible to start class. If you think you will get in trouble, just say people in a hihger grade might have done it, because they used the same lockers last year.
  9. if you know you're going to be using an overhead during the period, draw a smiley face on the lens. after about the 4th time of trying to figure out where it is, they get PISSED!
  10. In FCS put salt in the sugar and baking powder in the flour.Makes for an interesting meal.
  11. When the teacher tells the class something disagree with it and tell them your way after youve done a couple of disagreements walk around the classroom on strike.
  12. raise ur hand when the class is silent and when the teacher asks u what is it just say "ha ha i tricked you" in a childish voice
  13. If you learn latin or are learning about the roman empire and learning about Caeser, start quoting Gretchens little speech from Mean Girls about how Brutus was just as good as Caeser leaving your teacher baffled. Try and do it almost as an outburst making it funnier.
  14. If u go to A SINGLE SEX SCHOOL then when you hAVE A LESSON with the opposite sex find a way to add sex into the lesson or how far you went with you boy/girlfriend .It really makes them feel uncomfortable!
  15. when you have to watch a boring video in class bring a universal remote. You can mute the movie or change channels
  16. Find a word that noone knows the definition of, and call people it, eventually everyone will use it as an insult and in the middle of class. A good exampled is "Goiter" a swollen thyroid.

Got any more funny pranks on teachers? Post it in the comments!

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