"The world is a comedy to those who think; a tragedy to those who feel." - Horace Walpole

I hate school work and homework

Before you start doing your school work, here are a few questions to consider:
  1. Are you actually learning anything useful? Are you going to use any of this stuff a year from now? 5 years? 10 years? Will you even remember any of it?
  2. Will you get in trouble if you don't do it? And by trouble I mean serious trouble - like mental or physical abuse. If not, why do it?
  3. Does it count for anything? If it isn't going to count towards your grade, why do it?
  4. If it does count, does it even matter? Will you be mentally or physically abused if your grades aren't high enough? If not, why do you care about your grades? You only need to pass so that you don't have to stay there even longer. Or, even better - you could get out and try some alternatives to school.

Doing your school/homework

If you're going to do it, might as well get it done as quickly as possible so that you have more time for things that really matter to you, right? Here are a few shortcuts you can take...
  1. For essays and research projects, use the internet. Don't just blatantly copy someone else's essay, because that's ridiculously easy to detect. Edit it. Use your own words. Use 10 different essays on the same subject and combine them into one. Be creative. Search for the topic of your essay/research, along with "free essays" or something along those lines. Use Wikipedia as well, and see what sources they have linked to. Search sites like Amazon.com for books you can cite as sources.
  2. If it's a literature essay/assignment, search for summaries of the book. These usually have all kinds of plot analysis things as well. Search for the title of the book, plus "book summary". Also use Wikipedia, and the essays tip mentioned above. This also helps you avoid having to read an entire book you don't want to read.
  3. For regular worksheet school work, ask for help on homework help forums. There are plenty of these on the internet, the only problem is that you have to ask early in case you don't get responses. But, why not sign up at 10 of them and ask the same question on each one? You're much more likely to get responses that way. You can also do fun things with your homework instead of answering it seriously (though this isn't recommended if you have insane and/or abusive parents).
  4. Start an underground homework sharing ring, where people can go to and copy each other's homework so they don't have to do much on their own. You can even make a website for this and have it be password-protected and only give your friends the password. Just disguise the site as something else - make it look like a simple and stupid fan site of something. The actual homework section must be very well hidden or else teachers will find it and cause problems.
  5. Don't pay people to do your school/homework for you, unless you have lots of money and you want to waste it somewhere. But if that's the case, rather give it to the poor and homeless, or donate it to NYRA. Spending money on school work is just a waste.
  6. Play dumb. If someone asks you why you got a low grade in something, do you tell them it's because you didn't care enough, or that you tried your best but just couldn't do better? If people believe that you're stupid, they won't expect so much of you. Of course you aren't actually stupid, but this tactic may help you get away with doing less.
Here are some links to homework help sites.

Why this page was created

Because lots of people search for things like "answers to homework questions" and "i hate school work", and I wonder how many of those people ever actually considered simply not doing it in the first place. People keep saying how school work is supposedly helpful, but these are the same people who think that school is helpful. What proof do they have that school really is helpful? Homeschoolers are doing just fine without it, in fact they tend to do even better overall.

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And if you do end up burning your homework, don't forget to take some photos and put out the fire afterwards. :)

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