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Bad Grades

How to get your grades up when you...
A. Dont care about school,
B. are failing horribly,
C. have trouble starting work,
D. are desperate for the grades

As far as i have seen, many of the members on this site fall into the categories listed above. Myself included. there are a few very easy ways to get your grades up.

1.) Get ISS. This may seem extreme but its a very good way to get your grades up. if your school isn't too bad, (right, like they have those kinds of schools) go to your principal/ AP and ask for 3 days in ISS. ISS can be very boring but the best thing about it is you GET YUOR WORK DONE. im currently in ISS (my ISS teacher, Ms green is the shiz so she lets me surf the web every half hour or so) and the best part is the teachers send you all of your work. there is usually nothing to do except work so you get the homework done usually on the first day and BAM. you have the next few days to ensure its right, and free A's!!!!! (you can also spread out your work over the course of a few days but that doesn't work for me)

Onto option 2. Go to Saturday School. most high schools and middel schools have a saturday class. usually, its just for trouble makers but msot schools will let you go optionally. this is INCREDIBLY boring, i mean there are gratuitous amounts of boredom here but usually they give you your class work that you A. didn't do, B. Haven't done yet in class or C. are about to do. this is a great way to get the grades up

This last option may scare a few but its somethign i personally am going to try and my friends have done. This usually only works for high school. (some middle schools do it) GO TO SUMMER SCHOOL. do you hate math? during the summer, go to school an hour in the morning/afternoon and take your upcoming math course. it gets that out of the way and you usually get a free period out of it. during the summer school classes, the work is most often extremely easy and they dont ask much of you so its basically a free credit!
I hope this helps you guys.


Posted in: X on May 13, 2006 @ 6:45 PM


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