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Daytime Curfews in Salem

Youth under 18 years of age seen off campus during school hours may be stopped and questioned by police officers.

(SALEM) - Salem police would like to remind parents that Salem has a daytime curfew for kids under the age of 18.

The Salem-Keizer School District is working with law enforcement and the Juvenile Department to keep kids from skipping school.

The focus is on keeping youths from gathering in public areas during regular school hours.

Youth with proper ID and authorization to be off campus if met by an officer will be quickly released.

Students that are skipping, however, will be returned to school, their families contacted and appropriate action taken.

Offending students not enrolled at any school or without proper ID will be taken to Roberts High School on State Street.

Roberts staff will check student records, arrange for parent pickup, assess the student academically and, if needed, schedule an enrollment appointment.

If you believe that your child has been skipping school, please don’t wait for a police officer to call you.

Instead, contact your child’s school, and find out how all of us together can help your child reconnect with school and build success.


Some more in-depth commentary here:

Keri Garrett quotes from the Centralia Sentinel:

“We ask that they [homeschoolers] fill out a registration form, because people do call and ask about children they see out during the day, and the state board is asking for more information.”

I know of desperate parents that call or visit school employees and ask about their children's progress, only to find out Johnny Still Can't Read. So Nosy Myrtle next door who has no life but to make people miserable, and has a particular hatred for children, makes anonymous phone calls and stirs up Keri Garrett’s unease about the tiny minority of homeschoolers that are not included in her public school regime. It appears there’s not much required to churn up Regional Superintendent Garrett’s concern about those out of her reach.

Other private school families not on the public school schedule should also be afraid of her goals. Private schools, including Illinois homeschoolers, do not need to register with the school district/Regional Offices of Education. With the current state of public school affairs, you’d think that private school registrations added to the public school pot wouldn’t be useful. Most private schoolers are satisfied with the money they spend on education. But if you were looking for more control, as are Garrett and apparently, the Illinois State Board of Education, there could be more negative outcomes regarding direct education of children. They want bureaucratic control. Oh, joy.


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