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Five-year-old hosts cooking show

Five-year-old Julian Kreusser is the product of unschooling , a style of home-schooling in which kids direct their own learning toward their particular interests. Julian's interests have included cooking since he was 3 years old , and a mere two years later he's the host of his own cooking show.

On "Big Kitchen With Food," which airs on Portland, Oregon public access TV and online at Blip.tv , Julian's family helps with lightning, camera and editing but the recipes are all Julian's. They include a chocolate chip zucchini bread , a spaghetti sauce that's gotten raves around the world and something called "Yummy Yummy Citrus Boys."

The UK's Times Online reports that publishers are interested in a cookbook from Julian, tentatively titled "My Big Kitchen." Portland Community Media executive director Sylvia McDaniel believes that "Big Kitchen" "has potential to be a national program." In an interview with OregonLive , she said, "It's a wonderful show. We're just thrilled. He actually understands what he's doing. He's not just following orders."

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