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German Appeals Court Returns Custody of Homeschooled Girl to Parents

Yesterday, a German appeals court in Bavaria set aside a lower court ruling that had authorized the Youth Welfare Office in Erlangen Germany to retain custody of 16-year-old homeschooler Melissa Busekros.

In its opinion the Appeals Court stated that although the lower court ruling was justified based on the evidence at the time, later evidence shows that there is no danger to Melissa's well-being at home.

In an email to Home School Legal Defense Association the Busekros had this to say:

"The decision by the family court was partially repealed. The important points (custody) were revoked! What remains are the court-appointed lawyer and the evaluation. The urgent appeal has thereby been completed, but now the main case continues in the family court. However, urgent decisions without a hearing may no longer be made. Thank you for all the help we received through phone-calls, emails, letters, parcels, newspaper articles, radio, TV and prayers!!"

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