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How To Access Blocked Websites At School

Since people force you to attend school against your will, you'd think the least they could do was try to make it interesting while you're stuck there, right? But no, they insist on blocking websites so that you can't access them at school. They try to block everything they can find that might possibly be interesting, because the only things you're allowed to do in school are boring. Never mind if you're actually learning stuff on the internet - it's not allowed, because it's not boring enough.

Here's how you can access blocked sites at school. First, you need to find a working proxy. This can be kind of difficult, because there's a good chance the school has already blocked a lot of proxies. Every time they find one, they'll probably block it. So if you find one you'd like to keep using, you have to also keep it a secret and be very careful about who's looking when you're using it.

When you find a proxy that isn't blocked, you basically just type or paste the URL of the site you want to visit into the little URL box on the proxy, and then either hit Enter or push the button next to the box. Some proxies have other settings you can use, like enabling or disabling Javascript and cookies, and whether or not to encrypt the URL. It's always a good idea to encrypt the URL, and you might want Javascript or cookies depending on what website you want to visit, and whether or not it requires either of those to function, or to log you in or something.

What is a proxy, and how does it work?

A proxy is basically just a website that visits another website on your behalf, loads the page, and then passes it back to you for your viewing pleasure. As long as the proxy is unblocked, it should be able to visit almost any website. Some websites might not work, depending on the proxy, though. Sometimes a website has too many fancy AJAX scripting that the proxy doesn't support, or maybe the website itself has even blocked the use of proxies.

You can find a huge list of proxies on the School Proxy page. There's a good chance most of them will be blocked, though, but there are over 8000 of them.

The best way to access blocked sites at school is by making your own proxy, though. This way you have full control over it, and if you can make one proxy, you can easily make another one if your first one got blocked. You can find some instructions here: How to make your own proxy.

You can also access blocked sites without using a proxy, but this won't work for sites that use a lot of Javascript, or sites where you need to log in to get anything done. So, this won't work for Myspace or Facebook, for example.

How to access blocked sites without a proxy

You can use translator sites, such as Google Translate or Babelfish to view pages. Also, using the cache of any search engine should let you read almost any page as well. There are some portable applications you can use that might allow you to use a special browser at school that will also automatically unblock things for you. This might be difficult depending on your skill level with computers, but try downloading Tor and see if you can get that to work.

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