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Mississippi Student Hospitalized after Paddling

INDEPENDENCE, Miss. - A 14-year old Mississippi high school student was rushed to LeBonheur Children's Hospital for surgery Friday after he blacked out following a school paddling Thursday. 

In Brief:
-Student's mother gave permission for school to administer corporal punishment
-A few minutes after the paddling, the student passed out face first
-Student suffered broken jaw, shattered teeth; had surgery at LeBonheur Children's Hospital
-Social Services notified of incident

Independence High School student Trey Clayton underwent surgery Friday morning at LeBonheur. Now, he will spend the next two weeks eating through a straw.

What Led to the Punishment

Pictures of 14 year old Trey Clayton minutes after he came out of surgery Friday afternoon at LeBonheur Children's Hospital show his stitched-up face after having his jaws wired shut.

According to his mother Dana Hamilton, the teen had "ten stitches, five teeth that are messed up, two had to be pulled, the rest are shattered and two broken jaws."

Hamilton said she got a call Thursday morning about her son being disruptive in class at Independence High School. She said she gave Coach Jerome Martin, who's also the Assistant Principal, permission to spank the boy.

"Ten minutes later, Coach Martin calls me back and tells me I need to come to the school because my son blacked out and hit the floor face first," Hamilton said. "My biggest concern is that they didn't call 911."

Martin told FOX13 by phone, "He was administered corporal punishment, was assisted back to class and three to five minutes after that, he fell into the hallway."

Responsible Parties?

When asked who was to blame for Clayton's injuries, Martin replied, "I'm not speaking on who's responsible for that right now."

Mississippi is one of 20 states that allow corporal punishment. This mother who once supported it, now says she's had a change of heart.

"My sympathy goes out to the young man and his family because this is not something that normally occurs and if there's anything I can do to help them, I will," Martin said.

Blackout Cause Unknown

Hamilton said her son has some bruising to his bottom, his mouth has been wired shut and he'll have to sip through a straw for the next two weeks. Doctors have not said what caused him to black out after the paddling, but Hamilton said Trey has never blacked out before.

Doctors did contact Social Services about the incident. The parents have also hired an attorney. Right now, they don't know if he'll return to school after spring break.

March 11, 2011
Fox Memphis

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