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May 14, 2011:

Cop Breaks a Kid's Arm and Tasers Him. His Offense? Saggy Pants. (5 Comments)Posted in: News by NewsBot @ 11:46 PM

Derby, Kansas, high school sophomore Jonathan Villarreal was walking to the bus after school when a police officer ordered him to pull his pants up above his hips. Jonathan refused, on the grounds that the school day was over. As reported...

Christian Choate, Boy Found Buried In Concrete Died While Locked In A Cage, Sister Says (2 Comments)Posted in: News by NewsBot @ 4:26 AM


Christian Choate's father Riley and his stepmother Kimberly Kubina were charged Tuesday with murder, battery, criminal confinement, and neglect of a dependent in the young boy's death. Kubina allegedly helped Riley Choate bury his son's body, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.



May 2, 2011:

Civil rights suit filed on behalf of 10-year-old, arrested following school fight (2 Comments)Posted in: News by NewsBot @ 9:44 PM

NEW YORK - A federal civil rights lawsuit was filed Friday, on behalf of a Bronx girl, Sofia Bautista, 10, who was arrested by the NYPD last April.

Following a fight Sofia had with another girl in her third grade class, in which nobody was injured, the police were called. The officers ...

April 27, 2011:

Mississippi Student Hospitalized after Paddling (2 Comments)Posted in: News by NewsBot @ 10:36 PM

INDEPENDENCE, Miss. - A 14-year old Mississippi high school student was rushed to LeBonheur Children's Hospital for surgery Friday after he blacked out following a school paddling Thursday.

In Brief:
-Student's mother gave permission for school to administer corporal punishment
-A few minutes...

January 30, 2011:

Crazy Bitch: Mom Killed Her Kids Because They Were "Mouthy" (4 Comments)Posted in: News by SoulRiser @ 9:00 PM

Julie Schenecker Allegedly Shot Her 16-Year-Old Daughter and 13-Year-Old Son A Tampa, Fla., mother accused of murdering her two teenage children because they were "mouthy" was hospitalized today, delaying her first scheduled court appearance. Julie Schenecker, 50, a military officer's wife, was arrested Friday when police, responding to call from a concerned relative, found her […]

January 6, 2011:

Student & assistant principal dead after Nebraska school shooting (2 Comments)Posted in: News by SoulRiser @ 11:07 PM

An Omaha, Nebraska, high school senior shot his principal and an assistant principal Wednesday before police found him dead in his car, Omaha Police Chief Alex Hayes said. Principal Curtis Case and Assistant Principal Vicki Kaspar were wounded in the shooting at Millard South High School, Hayes said. Case is in serious but stable condition, […]

December 30, 2010:

Thousands of students arrested by safety agents last year raises parents concerns (2 Comments)Posted in: News by NewsBot @ 5:06 PM

BY MEREDITH KOLODNER More than a thousand students were arrested by safety agents last school year, and nearly 300 were collared during just the first two months of this academic year, the Daily News has learned. The arrest statistics were revealed as advocates prepare to testify before the City Council in support of the School […]

December 27, 2010:

Mace Used On Birmingham Students - SPLC Files Suit (1 Comment)Posted in: News by SoulRiser @ 7:34 PM

by: Judy Molland Can this really be happening in our schools in the 21st century? Earlier this month, the Southern Poverty Law (SPLC) filed a federal class action lawsuit regarding the use of mace as a means of basic discipline against school children in Birmingham, Alabama. Mace As A Tool For School Discipline Chemical weapons […]

December 10, 2010:

Help Needed: Tell the Senate to End Legalized Child Abuse (No Comments)Posted in: News by SoulRiser @ 10:12 AM

From the NYRA Newsletter: Things are busy right now on Capitol Hill. Senators and Congressman are trying to wrap up a number of crucial debates before they head home to their districts for the holidays. In the coming weeks they’ll be considering everything from tax cuts, to school lunch, to the impeachment of a federal […]

December 9, 2010:

Civil rights group threatens to sue if Birmingham schools don't stop using pepper spray (1 Comment)Posted in: News by NewsBot @ 3:32 PM

The Southern Poverty Law Center is demanding that school resource officers in Birmingham city schools stop using pepper spray on unruly children. SPLC, a civil rights advocacy group, said there are far too many instances of students being sprayed with pepper spray in Birmingham, often because of small fights, bad behavior or excessive talking. The […]

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