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US: Teen finally allowed to skip chemotherapy

Attorneys for Abraham Cherrix, the Virginia teen fighting to avoid treating his cancer with chemotherapy, reached an agreement today with the state's social services that will allow Abraham to skip chemotherapy treatments.

Sixteen-year-old Abraham had undergone a round of chemotherapy after his initial diagnosis that left him feeling sick and weak, though his Hodgkin's disease went into brief remission. The cancer returned a few months later, and instead of submitting to another round of stronger chemo along with additional radiation therapy, Abraham chose to treat his disease using an organic diet and herbal treatments from a clinic in Mexico.
Virginia social services intervened and took his family to court, where Abraham was ordered to treat his cancer with chemotherapy. Abraham and his family appealed, and today Accomack County Circuit Court Judge Glen A. Tyler announced that Abraham's family and social services had reached an agreement prior to the two-day hearing scheduled to determine Abraham's treatment.

The agreement requires Abraham to be treated by a board-certified oncologist who is also interested in alternative therapies. Cherrix will now undergo conventional radiation therapy rather than chemotherapy. Abraham's parents, who Judge Tyler ruled were not medically negligent -- the previous judge had ruled they were -- must update the court on the teen's treatment and condition every three months until he is cured or he turns 18. Abraham saw his doctor of choice last week, and according to his attorneys, the doctor believes he can be cured.

"The courts continue to ignore Abraham's fundamental human rights," said Mike Adams, a health freedom advocate. "Ordering him into radiation rather than chemotherapy is just a different death sentence for this young man who is fighting for his life and his freedom."

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