School Survival

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Why Self-Care Matters When You Hate School

You wake up and the first thought that hits you is, “I don’t want to go to school today.” It’s not because you’re lazy or because you didn’t do your homework. It’s because school feels like a prison. It’s a place where your creativity gets squashed, your spirit gets crushed, and your voice gets silenced. […]

How to Survive the School Day When You Hate Every Minute

You wake up with that sinking feeling in your gut, dreading the monotonous day ahead. School feels like a prison, a place where creativity goes to die, and you’re stuck in a system that doesn’t care about who you are or what you need. You’re not alone. So many teens feel this way, and it’s […]

How to Deal with Parents Who Don't Get It

You’re sitting in your room, staring at the walls, feeling like you’re trapped in a box that’s getting smaller every day. Your parents just don’t get it. They don’t understand why school feels like a prison, why every day is a struggle just to get through. They throw around words like “responsibility” and “future” like […]

Unschooling and Socialization: Debunking the Socialization Myth

People always seem to have this idea that without school, you're missing out on the essential socialization cocktail that supposedly prepares you for the real world. But let's be real here. What is this mythical socialization we're all supposed to be getting? In traditional schools, they pack you in like sardines, call it socialization, and […]

Beyond High School Hell - Bullies, Mental Health, Alternatives...

In the depths of your despair, you may feel powerless, trapped in a system that seems designed to suffocate your spirit. It's a cruel irony that while your mind yearns for freedom, your reality denies you that choice. Legal barriers loom large, reminding you that without parental consent, escape is a distant dream. The weight […]

Free Online High Schools For Homeschoolers

There are all these online options popping up everywhere, like Connections Academies, Insight Schools, and Advanced Academics, spread across different states. Our site's got, like, nearly a hundred of these listed. But just because they say they're free doesn't mean they're the right fit for you. And, by the way, they're not really free since […]

How to start unschooling

Do you find yourself trapped in the monotonous routine of traditional schooling? Does the thought of another day in a classroom filled with rules and expectations make you feel suffocated? If so, you're not alone. Many teens struggle to find their place in a system that often feels more like a prison than a place […]


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How to start homeschooling

A few questions and answers (to help convince your parents that this is actually a good idea): Can I homeschool my kids? I'm not a teacher! Yes, why not. As a parent you should know your child better than teachers at school. You should know what their interests are and what they have trouble with. […]

Navigating Early College Challenges

Hey there, brave soul on the brink of breaking free from high school chains, So, you're thinking about diving into the wild world of early college, huh? Buckle up, because this ride comes with its fair share of challenges and adventures! Parents and Permission First off, let's talk about the parental permission slip. Yep, you […]

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