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Main Website Portuguese Translation/ Tradução Para Português Do Site
Objetivo Do Site: Este é um site para alunos que não querem estar sendo forçados a ir para a escola. Nós não estamos dizendo para você cair fora, rebeliar-se ou fazer qualquer coisa em particular. O que você faz é uma decisão sua e somente sua, nós só podemos dar suporte ...

SS Forums Back Up
Read all about it here :) Okay, so there's not much to read... but check it out anyway. There's some new features and stuff. ...

SS Forums Down Until Further Notice
UPDATE: The forums are back up! I'll leave them in read-only mode for now. If you want to keep in contact with people from the forums, you should get their contact details via PM or something. Maybe one of you can create another forum somewhere else (in fact, please do... it's ...

Schooling: The hidden agenda (a speech by Daniel Quinn)
New article added to the articles section: Schooling: The hidden agenda. It's a speech Daniel Quinn (author of Ishmael) gave at a home-schooling/unschooling conference. For those of you with short attention spans, here are some snippets I found interesting. I've even bolded some parts so if you have very SEVERE attention ...

The Public School Nightmare: Why fix a system designed to destroy individual thought?
Added new article by John Taylor Gatto, called "The Public School Nightmare: Why fix a system designed to destroy individual thought?" Click here to read it. I personally think it's one of the best articles I've ever read about public schooling. ...

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Amanda Householder Explains How She Got Her Parents Arrested For Abusing Teen Girls
How I Got My Own Parents Charged With Abusing Teen Girls Author: Amanda Householder ?A VERY LONG FIGHT? Amanda Householder?s allegations led to her parents? arrest for child abuse and neglect last year. Now she?s filed a lawsuit against the couple, who ran a boarding school. Updated Apr. 18, 2022 2:56AM ...

The Alliance for Self?Directed Education
Source: The Alliance for Self?Directed Education Alliance Announced at the AERO Conference Hello Allies! Thank you for your interest in the Alliance for Self-Directed Education and for your efforts spreading self-directed education in the world!  It?s been amazing to see such an enthusiastic response from so many of you after announcing the ...

South African textbook asks pupils how victim's behaviour led to rape
by Rob Davies Thursday 8 September 2016 15.58 BST   Publisher Pearson says it will amend book aimed at children aged 15 to 16 that has been in circulation for five years   Pearson has submitted corrections to the textbook to South Africa?s department of basic education. Photograph: Yonela Palesa Moopelwa/Facebook   ...

Michigan Republicans protect religious bullies - place LGBT kids in danger
There is growing outrage and disgust aimed at a recently passed bill in the Michigan Senate that would allow teachers and students to harass and bully others as long as they can claim their actions are rooted in a "sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction." Wednesday, the Republican-controlled state senate ...

Zimbabwe: Spanking - How Far Can It Go?
SPARE the rod and spoil the child is a popular saying among Zimbabweans. It has some link to the Biblical Proverbs 13vs24 which reads: "He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him". (KJV). The saying has been construed to promote the use of ...

You're not worthless
Why do people defend school?
Why I hate school in general

The Public School Nightmare: Why fix a system designed to destroy individual thought?
How public education cripples our kids, and why (Against School)
Institutional Schooling Must Be Destroyed

Why kids keep secrets from parents
The "rebellious stage"

Unschooling is Quality Time
Unschooling Equals Natural Learning
The Legal Requirements For Home Schooling in the US

My GED story - Why it works and why you should consider it
How to convince your parents to let you drop out of school
How You Can Prepare For Your GED

Why Online High School?
The Importance of Accreditation
3 Steps To Getting An Online High School Education

Copy protection is disrespectful - pirates are heroes!
On Coercion
Love Society

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Why kids hate school, Part 2: It's boring, exhausting and stressful
You watch your child trudge home from school, backpack sagging with the weight of textbooks and binders. Their eyes, once bright with curiosity, now look dull and tired. You ask how their day was, and the answer is the same as always: "It was fine." But you know it wasn?t fine. ...

Why kids hate school, Part 1: It ruins the experience of learning
Dear Parents, You watch your child every morning, the weight of the world on their shoulders as they drag themselves to school. The sparkle that once lit up their eyes when they discovered something new has dimmed, replaced by a weary resignation. You wonder where the joy of learning went, what ...

Why Homework Is a Waste of Your Precious Time
You know what?s infuriating? Homework. You?re already trapped in school for hours, and then they have the nerve to send you home with more work. Like you don?t have a life or dreams or anything better to do than grind away on pointless assignments. Let's talk about why homework is a ...

Why Grades Don't Define You
You're sitting in class, staring at the grade you just got back. It's lower than you hoped, and that sinking feeling in your stomach is all too familiar. You can't help but feel like a failure, like you're not good enough. But here's the truth: grades don't define you. It feels ...

Understanding the Benefits of Democratic Schools
You watch your child, day after day, slipping further into a place of unhappiness and frustration. School feels like a battleground, and every morning is a struggle. You see the spark in their eyes dimming, their curiosity and joy slowly being replaced by a sense of dread. It's heartbreaking, and you ...

Homeschooling: Is It the Right Choice for Your Family?
You?re standing at a crossroads, heart heavy and mind buzzing with questions. The traditional school system isn?t working for your child. You?ve seen the signs: the stress, the tears, the constant battle to fit into a mold that was never designed for them. You?re exhausted, they?re exhausted, and you?re starting to ...

Early College as an Alternative to High School
Dear Parent, You see that your child is struggling. Each day, they drag themselves to school, a place that feels more like a cage than a space for learning and growth. You watch them lose their spark, their curiosity, their joy, and it breaks your heart. You want to help, but ...

Navigating the GED: A Parent's Guide
Sometimes, the traditional school system just doesn't fit your child. It can feel like a constant battle, watching your kid struggle in an environment that doesn't understand them, doesn't value their unique strengths, or worse, seems to crush their spirit. As a parent, this is heartbreaking. You want the best for ...

Signs Your Child is Struggling in School (And How to Help)
Dear Parent, I know how much you love your child. I know you want the best for them, to see them thrive and grow. But sometimes, despite our best intentions, our children struggle in ways that break our hearts. It?s a heavy weight to carry, watching your child fade under the ...

Charter Schools: A Middle Ground Between Traditional and Alternative Education
You?ve heard about alternatives like homeschooling and unschooling, but maybe that feels too far out of reach or just not the right fit. So where do you go from here? Charter schools could be your middle ground, your escape route from the factory model of education without completely venturing into the ...

The Lockdown's End
Sarah's Challenge

Dystopia of scholae
The war is not over

What I Have To Do
First of Me

Teenage boys wear skirts to school to protest against 'no shorts' policy
Source: Teenage boys wear skirts to school to protest against 'no shorts' policy | Education | The Guardian Quote:Some had borrowed from girlfriends, others from sisters. A few had gone the extra mile and shaved their legs. When the Isca academy in Devon opened on Thursday morning, an estimated 30 boys arrived ...

I did something bad during Sports Day and I think I'll get excluded from school.
Yesterday, it was Sports Day. I touched my Form Tutor three times after being told not to. The first time was when we were taking a class picture, I touched her hip. Everyone had to squeeze, so I couldn't move my hand away from her hip. The second time was during tug of ...

I did something bad during Sports Day and I think I'll get excluded from school.
Yesterday, it was Sports Day. I touched my Form Tutor three times after being told not to. The first time was when we were taking a class picture, I touched her hip. Everyone had to squeeze, so I couldn't move my hand away from her hip. The second time was during tug of ...

Short animation about how school drains us.
Watch on YouTube I found this a few hours ago. It basically shows how school takes our "wings" away. I wasn't expecting to see so many fellow anti-schoolers in the comments, but they ended up being the majority. <3 Then there were comments like this: Quote:I go to high school and it really comes down to ...

I can't hate school enough
Really! The teacher give you boring lectures and make the subject hell for you when teachers are supposed to be inspiring you with there own love of learning for this subject. Communication skill are hella important to be successful in life and in collage but schools discourages you from talking teachers ...

A violent diss about my English teacher.
My English teacher is the main cause of misery for me, so I wrote her a little song. I tried to send it to her but couldn't find her contact info. I emailed the school saying I'm a parent concerned about my child's English grades and I wish to talk to ...

Spreading Awareness
Let's be honest, I believe 90% of this websites users want to change school for the good.So instead of staying here, let's spread outwards, start groups at your schools to promote alternatives, among other things.I for one am starting a discord for my local group of students inside schools to help ...

The Terrors in Egypt
I decided to become an archaeologist for two main reasons: one, I hated society -- I hated those stupid low-lifes not doing anything with their life, and that?s why I became hell-bent on accomplishing some ground-breaking discovery; two, I decided to isolate myself in unpoplated regions of the world to distance ...

"I dont know" should be acceptable
Watch on YouTube ...

Things wrong with this world
Capitalism, fascism, consumerism, authoritarianism, totalitarianism and communism(though the latter isn't really common anymore.) Watch on YouTube Hidden stuff: Also: mindless modern pop music brainwashing the masses, power-hungy governments brainwashing the masses, and the media brainwashing the masses. And I didn't know where else to post this. I could have posted it to "videos", ...

A girl swore at me for just going to my lesson
Yesterday when I was walking to science, that girl who used to be my fake friend told me to **** off for just going to my lesson. I yelled at her and told her that I need to go to my lesson and she told me to shut my mouth. I ...

proof me wrong ...

SAT Scores, and theCancer continues to be wrong
So I just learned something about this guy Stanley Kaplan, the guy whose name is on SAT test prep guides. So the SAT was supposed to measure Scholastic Aptitude, but as he went through the process of figuring out what gaps needed filling in people's knowledge he started shining a bit spotlight ...

7 ways to Maximize Misery
Watch on YouTube ...

to fresh highschool graduate niggaligs that received a VECTOR letter
This is fer le future peeps that are might receive a letter from the company Vector. Now, this letter seems pretty cool. Summer friggin work enclosed. Yea thats pretty neat bruh. That summer work youre looking forward is a BIG PILE OF DOODOO. You open that motherfucker up and you see ...

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