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17 School Pranks on Teachers

Hello and welcome, pranksters! If you try any of the pranks listed on this site, you really should come and tell us how it went on the forums here. We're always looking for a good laugh :)

Here are 17 school pranks you can play on teachers:

  1. put a employeess wanted sign on the detention door.
  2. In a silent classroom, randomly start banging your head on the desk mumouring "no, no, no shut up get out get out" and when the teacher asks what the matter is just ask what they mean and look confuzed.
  3. make sex sounds and when the teacher looks round look at him or her blaming it on them
  4. In our School, we have Sport houses, and some teachers is elected to be the H.O.D of each department. anywayz, grad some spray cans (hopefully in your house color) and spray paint [your house name] RULES!! on the classroom of Another hod's room.
  5. If you ever have to give a PowerPoint presentation take as long as possible.... For example, since it needs to be projected onto a big screen to the class can see it you must log into your computer to load it up, correct? "Accidentally" switch off the computer, and say it crashed on you, or pretend it won't let you log in... when actually you're just typing the wrong password. If you can get more than 1 person/pair of people to do this, it can lead to some serious wasted time. My hour was 3 days behind other hours because of the fact we got so many people to take their time or "mess up" the computer. 3 days behind = frustration for my lazy-ass English teacher.
  6. steal the remote for the TV from inside the teachers desk when they are not looking. in the middle of a very important subject turn on the TV on and do it again until they teacher has to go get the janitor or someone to "fix" the broken TV.
  7. when your teacher has his/her back turned, laughed in a weird voice, when he or her turns around look at the kid behind you. He get in trouble instead of you
  8. When ya guys gotta do a really (pathetic & insulting to your knowledge) activities expclaim loudly for the teachers to hear, "Oh, yah this is gonna keep the government off may back!" In an sarcastic tone (of course) Oh, just basically anything ya think would piss that Educational Figure of yours off!!
  9. when the teacher is writing sumthing on the board and not facing you , say her name in different vocies like u got to ask her sumthing and when she turns around act like nobody said anything , it works best if you get your buddies to help and if she asks or says stop blame it on ppl you dont like:p
  10. heres a fun school prank: take a universal remote and program it to the TV of the class that you are in, the once programmed, turn on your favorite Tv show and act astonished when the channels "mysteriously" Change and the TV goes on and off!
  11. Only do these if everyone in your class hates your teacher!!!!!: Get everyone together and start dropping pencils ar books at the same time u can even take that teachers book and make him search for it the entire class time.
  12. I have another school prank idea! If you have a band teacher like that take their instrument that they normally play and use some normal glue on the buttons, they'll be so frustrated for hours but it will come off eventually (use superglue if you hate your teacher that much)
  13. When the teacher gives you work, sit there, don't do anything and just blabber, like "bluduh!"
  14. For this you will need a coin. When you get that coin put it on the ground under the cafeteria tables. Then say to the person next to you 'im going to tell on you'. When you go to the teacher or any other person thats watching over everyone, you point at the table that you are sitting at and say 'i lost my coin' this will make the person that you said to feel scared. Now you walk with the teacher and look on the ground suprised and say 'oh look i found my coin, i guess it dropped out of my hand' this will piss of the teacher and will let others do almost whatever they want.
  15. okay if you are either bored during any class and dont feel like watching the teacher blab about stuff then all u have to do iz fake faint but be carefull try your best not to laugh keep your eyes closed for at least 25 seconds but when u open ur eyes start to shout for help then shut up and look at every one in the room and say your confused and need to see the school nurse then all ur fellow class mates will be off topic and so will the teachers
  16. If your teacher is anal retentive about a classroom object, you could "borrow" it for a while. Leave ransom notes along with pictures. When you finally do return it, return it in a jello-mold.
  17. at lunch get everyone to be quiet by going "shhhhh" and then stand up and start slowly clapping, then get your friends to do it. (but you have to let people know a head of time. but dont tell the teachers)

Got any more school pranks you can play on teachers? Post them in the comments! :)


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