School Survival

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School Jokes

Funny jokes related to school in some way. This page isn't serious like the other sections, it takes a bit of a funny look at things...

12 Funny Reasons Why School is Good for You
A parody of the various reasons people give as to why school is good for you.

The Benefits of Homework
A bunch of different ways that homework benefits students. Or doesn't. It depends on how you interpret it, really.

58 Funny Prank Ideas for when bored in class
Stupid things you should (not) try in class for a laugh :)

School Pranks
Some fun ways to waste some time or confuse teachers.

28 Funny Excuses for Missing School
Funny excuses for missing school.

Why you shouldn't drop out of school
A parody of the stupid things that people tell us when we tell them we are thinking of dropping out.

Funny Pictures
Funny pics related to school.

Teacher Insult Generator
Type the teacher's name, enter some information about them, and this page will make some creative (yet quite rude) insults about them.

Useless Homework Excuses
Excuses you should not use for not having done your homework, because the teacher probably won't believe you.

What the teacher says and (what the teacher means)!
How they say mean things in nice ways.

Dear Dad letter
A funny letter from a son to his dad.

A snappy comeback.

The Chair
How to prove it doesn't exist.

Prison vs Work
When you think about the differences between work and prison, maybe prison isn't so bad...

Preparation for Parenthood
12 simple tests for potential parents to take to prepare themselves for the real-life experience of being a mother or father.

The American Tourist and Mexican Fisherman
An American tourist tells a fisherman how to make millions.

Funny signs, courtroom bloopers, church screwups, weird headlines and kids' letters to God.

Why vote for George W. Bush?
Some funny reasons why you should vote for Bush. I know it's too late already, but who cares, better to read this than drown in your sorrows, right?

Funny links

Urban Dictionary: School
Funny definitions of school.

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