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April Fool's Day Pranks

Hello and welcome, pranksters! If you try any of the pranks listed on this site, you really should come and tell us how it went on the forums here. We're always looking for a good laugh :)

Here are some April Fool's Day pranks (although they can work for pretty much any other day of the year as well):

  1. i hate fascist administrators.
    step one: make a red and white/black flag with the nazi image. make the school's initials (for example, OGISD) appear beneath the picture.
    step two: raise the flag on your school's flagpole, tying the rope about 8-10 feet in the air so that it is hard to reach and you cant bring it down manually.
    somehow find your way to the school roof, and hang the flag at an easily visible location, preferrably above the main entrance or facing a major road or highway.
    NOTE: this is a risky operation, and should be performed only at night after extinguishing the outside lights. make sure you go home before returning in the morning.
  2. get everybody to pretend its dress up week and have them dress up in pjs one day and so on..
  3. Get three chickens (or other small animal) from your local pet store and label them one, two, and four then release them on campus. The staff and faculty will go crazy looking for animal #3 that doesn't exist. This might get everybody a day off.
  4. Organise a "late arrival day"... Come in late during first period at regular intervals.
    Example: Your class has 25 people, and the period lasts 45 minutes.At the beginning of the class there should be about 10 people. If the teacher asks where's everyone else they don't know. Have 3 people come every 5 minutes. They should excuse themselves with a story about a traffic jam. Remember, the intervals of people coming have to be long enough so the teacher will start talking, and be interupted. This works even better if several classes do this, because the school will believe there really was a traffic jam.
  5. im not in school anymore - got kiked out for a crime i didnt commit... but id love to see this done:
  6. aquire a small rodent, or rodents, and release them in rooms. all the girly-girls will go nuts with fear and the guys will try to show off and the teacher will be like: dont touch it!!!! lmao thats always a fun one. :) glad to help out opressing the school!
  7. for computers classes : go to the desk top o nthe computer and click the print page key then open the word perfect and copy the desktop to it , then go back to the desktop and put all the icons in a file that is there ,the set the copy that you you have in word perfet as the new desktop < by doing thin it look like the computer is froze and even when they reset the computer it will stay there
  8. Sticing up posters about sports clubs that dont exist is funny becasue the teacher will have kids turn up not wanting them
  9. If your school has a dress code (Such as "no hats in school") than come to school all wearing hats (Simple yet effective). If a teacher asks you to take it off or threatens to take it away than argue with your teacher. If you really want to piss the teacher off than bring an extra couple of hats. If you've got balls enough, than have male students come to school wearing skirts (Either over their pants or just plain skirts.)

Got any more April Fool's Day Pranks? Post them in the comments here! :)

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